Byteball Coin pros and cons

The distribution method of the GBYTE Coins also received some criticism. Surely many were happy to get some coins for free. However, the coins were distributed so that the more bitcoins you had, the proportionally more byte ball coins you got. Those who already had tons of bitcoins were rewarded the most. Not the fairest procedure.

The crypto currency is based on a special technology that, although not entirely new, has not yet been used by any other crypto currency. The Directed-Acyclic-Graph system has a few advantages over the blockchain, such as scalability. Other blockchains may become too slow at some point and the transactions may take forever. The forecast looks good because there is a very sustainable framework behind the coin.

The GBYTE Coin price has developed particularly well so far, the confidence of www.onlinebetrug/en the traders seems to be there in any case. But that also means that buying Byteball Coin is very expensive. The course has shown that the coin can go well upwards. But first you have to invest a lot more than with many other Altcoins.

Byteball Coin Course – Development – ForecastByteball Coin – Smart Payments via P2P

The crypto currency has already climbed very high on the stock markets. At the beginning of 2017, the Byteball Coin rate was 20 euros. At the end of January it was already 80, then the price sank in the course of February and in March to about 50 to 60 Euro per GBYTE coin. In April and May, the GBYTE Coin price rose steadily to over 200 Euro. At the end of May/beginning of June the coin experienced a rally and reached over 600 Euro per GBYTE. In July it was almost 800 euros. Afterwards, the share price fell somewhat, in August it was usually between 200 and 300 euros.

In the course of September, October and November 2017 the GBYTE Coin price continued to lose value and was between 100 and 200 Euro. In mid-December, the share price picked up again and was quoted between 400 and 600 euros. In January 2018 it looked even better, the crypto currency averaged over 600 euros and in the meantime peaked at almost 1000 euros per coin. In February, the price fell again to around 300 euros.

The Byteball Coin Forecast: So far the coin has followed the general developments on the market. However, the price is far higher than most other crypto currencies. The GBYTE Coin will certainly remain in the three-digit range until 2018, but the price can fall or rise again at any time. The crypto currency is extremely volatile and it is worth keeping an eye on it.

Create Byteball Wallet

The official Byteball Wallet can be downloaded from the developers’ website. There is an installer for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. The installations should run without problems, if one follows only the defaults.